Dead Too Long

Dead Too Long

Author: Ron Handberg
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ISBN: 978-1-93847326-5

Book Description

Reporter Gabriel “Gabby” Gooding’s unexpected arrival at Channel 7 is met with suspicion and resentment, and her first assignment, which involves the discovery of a long-dead body in the basement of a Minneapolis home, pits her against the rest of the staff because she suspects it was murder rather than suicide. Her troubles are compounded when, before she gets a chance to settle in, Gabby is forced to confront a figure from her past who has tracked her down to the Twin Cities. As the suicide/murder investigation unfolds, Gabby and photographer Zach Anthony must also follow the twisted trail of this fugitive hiding in plain sight-a fugitive who would do anything to protect his identity … and his freedom.

About the Author

Ron Handberg is an award-winning journalist. He has been news director as well as vice president and general manager of Emmy and Peabody Award-winning station WCCO television, a CBS affiliate in Minneapolis/St. Paul. He lives in Minnesota.