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ISBN: 978-1-938473-09-8
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Praise for Lowertown:

“LOWERTOWN, Richard A. Thompson’s third novel about a bail bondsman who makes a bad choice and lives (barely) to regret it, has smart characters, riveting action and an authentic noir-ish tone that would fit in nicely with the work of Black Mask writers like Hammet, Chandler, Gardner, Daly, and Cain.” –David Housewright, New York Times best-selling and Edgar Award Winner author of THE LAST KIND WORD

Praise for the previous Herman Jackson novel, Frag Box:

“A dash of romance, plenty of action, and an appealing, wise-cracking hero enhance this detective story with an old-fashioned noir flavor.” — Publishers Weekly

“Well-constructed and deftly character-driven, with a nice little love story for leavening.” — Kirkus Reviews

“This is mystery writing at its best — a cool sense of place, an appealing protagonist who isn’t a tough guy and an intricate plot.” — Mary Ann Grossman, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Book Description

Herman Jackson is a former bookie and small-time racketeer from Detroit trying to live down his shady past by running a legitimate bail bond business in St. Paul, but it is January, and definitely the winter of his discontent. Somebody has used his name and license without his consent, or even knowledge, to bail out a vicious killer who immediately disappears. The only solid lead Jackson has is a laptop computer found in the killer’s apartment which contains details of vicious crimes, past and future. After a bloody showdown in a snowbound cabin in the deep woods, Jackson hopes he can stop looking over his shoulder for good.

About the Author

Thompson300 dpiauthorphotoRichard Thompson is a former civil engineer and construction manager who traded his hard hat for a laptop and now writes full time. His first novel, Fiddle Game, was short-listed for a Debut Dagger award, and Frag Box was a finalist for the 2010 Minnesota Book Award. He is also the author of a standalone historical mystery, Big Wheat winner of the 2012 Minnesota Book Award for Best Genre Fiction. He lives in Minnesota with his wife of over 50 years and two neurotic cats.