Luce Women

Luce Women

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ISBN: 978-1-938473-22-7

“A fast-paced story that will keep you reading till the wee hours … Sure-handed poise and a light touch.”

– Lin Enger, author of The High Divide and Undiscovered County


 “With prose fresh and crisp as autumn air, Severn’s debut novel will transport you to Luce, Minnesota, population 5,000, just a stone’s throw from Keillor’s Lake Wobegon, Lewis’s Gopher Prairie, and Lovelace’s Deep Valley.”

Thom Tammaro, three-time Minnesota Book Award winner


“Liz Kisacky Severn’s first novel is a delightful debut. Its zesty narrator, Trudy, under suspicion of committing a serious crime, lovingly renders the lore of the land and the secret lives of its inhabitants. Read this one with relish.”

– Alan Davis, author of So Bravely Vegetative and Rumors from the Lost World

Book Description

After wealthy recluse Lyle Staybler dies under mysterious circumstances, Trudy Pluth becomes a person of interest. Townspeople mount judgments against her and enemies lurk in the shadows. Her few remaining friends offer support as they help Trudy renovate an old house. It’s a diverse group: Trudy, who looks at people as projects in need of repair; Martha, whose Minnesota-nice persona masks her sadness and fears; Iris, a person of color transplanted from the East who’s not sure how she fi ts in; and Greta, with a scandalous life that offers fodder for small-town gossips.

About the Author

A native of Maryland who currently lives in the Midwest, award-winning author and Minnesota State University–Moorhead professor, Liz Kisacky Severn has worked the full gamut as a writer: reporter, columnist, assistant editor, public relations writer, copywriter, and freelance writer/editor. Severn teaches various writing and literature courses, among them the study of creative non-fiction that explores issues of death and grief. Her fiction appears in American Fiction ’97, Carve Magazine and Storyglossia and has received honorable mention in The New Millennium. Luce Women is Severn’s debut novel.