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“…an intriguing, darkly pessimistic take on American politics and media.” – Publishers Weekly

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Winner of the 1996 Edgar Award for Best First Novel

A St. Paul PI investigates the murder of the man who killed
his wife

Holland Taylor is comfortable in interrogation rooms. For years the
cold dark cells of the St. Paul Police Department homicide squad were
his turf, and with the help of his partner he wrung confessions out of
countless killers. But that was long ago. Tonight Taylor is on the other
side of the desk. Tonight he is the suspect.
Taylor’s career in the department ended after his wife and daughter
were killed in a drunk driving accident. The culprit, John Brown, was
sentenced to a measly six years for vehicular manslaughter, and Taylor
vowed bloody vengeance in front of open court. After a few months
of freedom, Brown is shot dead, and Taylor, now a private
investigator, is called in as the obvious suspect. He didn’t kill John
Brown, but he will find out who did if—even it means tearing the
Twin Cities apart from the inside out.

About the Author



A former reporter and ad-man, David Housewright has, in the last fifteen years, become one of America’s most successful mystery authors. As he gradually began writing fiction full-time, Housewright produced two more Taylor novels Practice to Deceive and Dearly Departed before publishing A Hard Ticket Home (2004), which introduced Rushmore McKenzie, an unlicensed Twin Cities private eye. In 2012 Housewright published the ninth McKenzie novel, Curse of the Jade Lilly, which won the 2012 Minnesota Book Award for Best GenreFiction. His latest Rushmore McKenzie novel The Last Kind Word was released in June 2013. He continues to live and work in Minnesota.